Route desctription of Miskolc – Kosice Ultramarathon





The route starts from the ornamental square situated in the center of Miskolc, from where it turns to the Széchenyi pedestrian street and leads through till the eastern end of the historic downtown. Continue straight on the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street parallel to the tram, then, after a railway underpass turn left and continue on a sidewalk between the block of flats of Selyemrét district. Under the road overpass, the route crosses Besenyői Street, on which go straight heading north out of the city. Reaching Sajószigeti Street, the route turns right, then pass through a large crossroads further out of the inhabited areas. Soon turn left on the road that curves to the right, onto a small dirt road that leads up to the flood defense dam of the Sajó River. Turn left on a grassy, earthy, gravel road that runs through the dam, the route gets around the industrial sites of Miskolc and passes by the airport as well. Later it reaches Szirmabesenyő, but continue the route on the dam passing by the settlement. At the other end of the inhabited parts, after leaving the houses, cross over the bridge of the Sajó River, and then turn east on the road to reach the settlement of Sajóvámos. The first relay point is located here. 

/stage: 13,3 km, total distance: 13,3 km/



Leave the charming houses of Sajóvámos on an old asphalt-stone agricultural road, then the route leads between the fields with a slight increase. In a few kilometers turn left onto a dirt road. (Watch out and follow the black arrows on yellow background, signs, ribbons!!!). Using the agricultural roads the route takes perpendicular bends and takes more higher, then it reaches the hilltop on the grassy field of a geodetic tower. Here, after a short “U” bend, descend on an initially steep, but later more and more sloping dirt road in the direction of Szikszó. Arriving to a gravel road, the route continues straight on it, then cross at the construction site of the highway and reach an asphalt road. Turns right and soon reach the city center of Szikszó, where the second relay point is located. 

/stage: 10,1 km, total distance: 23,4 km/



Leaving the downtown of Szikszó, keep right at the intersections, then the route turns left and reaches the main road No. 3. In front of the hospital cross the main road and continue on the right on sidewalks, then on the bike-way. Cross the settlement of Aszaló on a short section, then turn right at the Halmaj gas station. Further on the bike-way arrive to Halmaj. Passing through the village continue on the road and reach the floodplain of Hernád River along beautifully cultivated areas. After the settlement of Kiskinizs cross the Hernád River, then when reaching the settlement of  Hernádkércs the route turns left at a football field. In a few hundred meters arrive to the third relay point. 

/stage: 13,1 km, total distance: 36,5 km/



The route continues through along the village, paralell to the Hernád Rriver, then in the center of Felsődobsza it turns sharply to the right, upwards. On a steep and fragmented asphalt road climb up on the castle hill of Felsődobsza drawing large bends with the letter “S”. Through the flattened ridge and on a long straight section, descend along on a sloping road to Abaújszántó. Where the route reaches the main road No. 39 turn left. Soon at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary reach the 4th relay point. 

/stage: 12,9 km, total distance: 49,5 km/



The route crosses Abaújszolnok and leaves it permanently after the railway station. Northbound on the road reach Abaújkér, then the route continues straight, parallel to the railway tracks, while a great panorama shows the proud castle of Boldogkővár. Cross the railway, then, after a slight ascent the route keeps to the left and after a fast slope arrives to Vizsoly, where the next relay point is located in the parking lot beside the presentation place of Bible of Vizsoly. 

/stage: 13,4 km, total distance: 62,7 km/



The route continues on the road out of the village, then it leads us through the settlements of Hegyalja (Vilmány, Göncruszka) and arrives at the outer parts of Gönc, sometimes among charming rows of trees. Shortly before the railway crossing, turn right on a fragmented asphalt road, after reaching Gönc countinue straight on Széchenyi Street. Arriving to a sport area the route turns on the left and leads to the next relay point. 

/stage: 11,8 km, total distance: 74,5 km/



Leaving the small town of Gönc cross the railway track, after a steep slope turn right and continue further on a wavy road. The route passes through another and the last railway crossing, then reaches the settlement of Zsujta. After the village long ascending straight sections come, while in the distant on the left there is a sight for towers and houses of Kosice. Then descend on a sloping, winding route to Abaújvár, from where the route continues on ascending sections again. At the junction at Pányok turn left and soon the route becomes sloping. Arrive to the settlement of Kéked where the next relay point is located. 

/stage: 13,0 km, total distance: 87,5 km/



After a sharp, reversing left turn, the route countinues further down on a good quality asphalt road, then after a long curved right turn it reaches the Slovak-Hungarian border. The route continues straight, then arrives and passes through Abaújnádasd / Trstenépri Hornáde. Leav the village, continue straight ahead to Hernádzsadány /Ždaňa and turn right in the center. Leave the village on another, but last ascent and after a sharp left turn continue on a straight and flat road. Soon arrive to Alsómislye / Nižná Myšľa, where leave the main road on a sharp left curve and reach the relay point. 

/stage: 11,9 km, total distance: 99,4 km/



The route crosses over the Hernád River on a wooden bridge, then immediately turns right and follows the dirt roads of anglers and cyclists along the bank of the river. The route leads through on a beautiful landscape, sometimes waterfalls of Hernád, or a lake can be seen. It is easy to follow the route, but watch out the mainly right-handed signs! Leaving the shore of a larger lake pass under a busy road, after which soon arrive between residential houses. The last relay point is lacated here. 

/stage: 8,0 km, total distance: 107,4 km/



From here the route leads on an asphalt bike-way along on the bank of the Hernád, which is either a sidewalk or a road wide. After arrival to higher block of flats return to the bank of the Hernád with a right, then with a left bend, from where a stone dam leads the way. Long along on the bike-way arrive at a large traffic junction, continue under the overpasses, turn sharply to the left from the shore and the sidewalk next to Palackého road leads under the railway tracks. Arriving at the big two-lane intersection turn right, then reaching Rooseveltova Street turn left on it. Continue all the way straight and soon arrive to the Finish located at the square of St. Elizabeth's Cathedral. 

/stage: 8,5 km, total distance: 115,9 km/