II. Kassa/KOŠICE -Miskolc Ultramarathon – Competition Invitation

Goal of the race

• Restart and continuation of the international ultramarathon running race, which was first organised by the Miskolc Marathon Club in 1999

To provide amateur and professional sportsmen and sports women the opportunity to compete both in individual and relay categories.

• To join the race to the Visegrad 4 sport events

• Extending the number of events that reach across the Hungarian-Slovak border

• To deepen the sports friendship between the Slovakian and Hungarian runners

• The development of Košice and Miskolc sister city relationship

To popularize the sights of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county and Košice county as well as Kosice and Miskolc

Organizer of the race: Marathon Club SE, Miskolc

Partner: Active Life/ Košice Marathon Club

Chairman of the Organizer Committee: Katona Ferenc Local Government Representative in Miskolc

Date of race: 18 May 2019 (Saturday)

Start: Košice (Slovakia), Košický kraj (by The Dóm), at 08.00 o’clock.
Finish: Miskolc (Hungary), Városház square

The route of the race:
Košice – Sidlisko Krasna –Nyizna Mysla – Kéked- Gönc – Vizsoly- Abaújszántó – Hernádkércs – Szikszó – Sajóvámos – Miskolc

The route of the race goes along mainly public road of low traffic, including one dirt road on both Hungarian and Slovakian sides.

Distance of the race: 113,4 km

See route at:

Start: Košice (Slovakia),


 SettlementDistanceTotal distanceGPS
0Miskolc, Városház tér0 km0 kmN48.10347 E20.77844
1Cél: Kassa/Košice, Košický kraj,117,3 km117,3 kmN48.71886 E21.25923

2-person relay:

 SettlementDistanceTotal distanceGPS
0Miskolc, Városház tér0 km0 kmN48.10347 E20.77844
1Vizsoly, Biblia Múzeum63,4 km63,4 kmN48.38416 E21.21625
2Cél: Kassa/Košice, Košický kraj,53,9 km117,3 kmN48.71886 E21.25923

5-person relay:

 SettlementDistanceTotal distanceGPS
0Miskolc, Városház tér0 km0 kmN48.10347 E20.77844
1Szikszó, Szentháromság templom23,7 km23,7 kmN48.20211 E20.92624
2Abaújszántó, Polgármesteri Hivatal26,4 km50,1 kmN48.27505 E21.18559
3Gönc belterület25,5 km75,6 kmN48.47201 E21.27747
4Nyizna Mysla, Siroka,24,5 km100,1 kmN48.62733 E21.35812
5Cél: Kassa/Košice, Košický kraj,17,2 km117,3 kmN48.71886 E21.25923

10-person relay:

 SettlementDistanceTotal distanceGPS
0Miskolc, Városház tér0 km0 kmN48.10347 E20.77844
1Sajóvámos, Ady E. utca, sarok13,7 km13,7 kmN48.18251 E20.83264
2Szikszó, Szentháromság templom10,0 km23,7 kmN48.20211 E20.92624
3Hernádkércs, Községháza13,6 km37,3 kmN48.24279 E21.04972
4Abaújszántó, Polgármesteri Hivatal12,8 km50,1 kmN48.27505 E21.18559
5Vizsoly, Biblia Múzeum13,3 km63,4 kmN48.38416 E21.21625
6Gönc belterület12,2 km75,6 kmN48.47201 E21.27747
7Kéked, Fő út, ráforduló12,5 km88,1 kmN48.54579 E21.34576
8Nyizna Mysla, Siroka,12,0 km100,1 kmN48.62733 E21.35812
9Košice, Sídlisko Krasna,Golianova7,7 km107,8 kmN48.67274 E21.30949
10Cél: Kassa/Košice, Košický kraj,9,5 km117,3 kmN48.71886 E21.25923


• individual (women and men absolute 1-6 place winner)

• 2-person relay (absolute 1-3 place winner)

• 5-person relay (absolute 1-3 place winner)

• 10-person relay (absolute 1-3 place winner)


 Registration deadlines and fees:


Till: 15 March: 38 EUR

Till: 15 April: 48 EUR

Till: 2 May: 58 EUR

5 person relay:

Till: 15 March: 130 EUR/relay

Till: 15 April: 158 EUR/relay

Till: 2 May: 175 EUR/relay

10 person relay:

Till: 15 March: 255 EUR/relay

Till: 15 April: 285 EUR/relay

Till: 2 May: 300 EUR/relay

No on-spot registration!


Online, by filling registration form on www.maratonclubmiskolc.hu website. By registering online and by filling out the registration form the participants accept the terms and conditions of the rules and regulation and contest invitation.

Cancellation and assigning the registration can be accepted prior to the race until 15 April 2019, midnight, only in written form on mate@hegyimaraton.hu e-mail address. In this case we pay back 75% of the fee paid.

Payment of registration fee:

The registration fee must be paid along with the registration, by transferring it to the following account of the Miskolc Marathon Club: OTP 11734073-20009070. The racer’s name or the name of the relay and the category must be listed in the statement. The amounts are to be considered as gross amounts and in Hungarian Forint.

Information required for reference:
Account leading bank: OTP Bank
Account owner: Marathon Club Miskolc
Invoice number: 11734073-20009070-00000000
IBAN: HU06117340732000907000000000

The registration will only be valid if the registration fee has been paid within 5 days!

On 5 May we will delete all registrations that has not been paid!

The registration fee contains:

• Unique technical t-shirt with logo

• Unique finish medal

• Chip timing

• Number

• Program with section map

• Refreshment at all relay point

• Pasta-party at the Miskolc Finish area

• Massage for the individual competitors at the Miskolc finish

• Medical aid throughout the race

• 50% discount from the entrance fee to Miskolc Tapolca Cave Bath, The Castle of Diósgyőr and The Herman Ottó Museum

• Route insurance

• Free photos to download

Reception of start-pack

Start-packs can be received on condition that the Liability Statement is filled in and handed in at the race office. The Liability Statement can be downloaded at www.maratonclubmiskolc.hu website.

Time and place of reception of start-packs:

– 17 May 2019, Friday, from 10.00 to 14.00 o’clock (Hungarian Time), Miskolc Finish Race centre ( Városház square)

– 17 May 2019, Friday, from 16.00 to 21.00 o’clock Košice Start Race centre ( exact address in the Programme)

– 18 May 2019, Saturday, from 06.00 to 07.30 o’clock (Hungarian Time), Košice Start Race centre ( exact address in the Programme)


With Electronic (chip) system

Level Time

Runners have 13 hours from the start to get to the finish. (For individual starters and relay teams!)

Traffic on the route

The route of the race will be appointed on the bank of the River Hernád, on cycle routes and public road of low traffic as well as on dirt road. Bicycle attendants wearing the official, unique vest can only run behind the runners, temporarily for a short while! 
Bicycle attendants wearing the official, unique vest can only run behind the runners, temporarily for a short while! Securing the route is done by the police of Miskolc, Košice and Borsod-Abaúj-County together in corporation with the organisers, civilian patrols and public wardens.


On the route on 9 relay points, there will be 9 refreshment points, and of course it will be possible to refill liquid and calories at the finish.

Supply at the refreshment points:

  • Water

  • Ethicsport isotonic sports drink

  • Cola

  • Banana

  • Apple

  • Orange

  • Lemon

  • Local pastry

  • Local Cakes

  • Salty cakes

  • Sweet cakes

  • Glucose

  • Dried fruit

Handing in individual refreshment

On 18 May, on Saturday, from 06.00 to 7.30 at the Košice race centre ( exact address in the Programme!) by highlighting the number and the refreshment point number (1 to 9).

Open time of the Finish area

On 18 May, 2018, from 13.00 to 21.30, on Városház Square in Miskolc


Woman individual, absolute 1-6. place: medal+trophy+prize of high value
Man individual, absolute 1-6. place: medal+trophy+prize of high value

5 person relay, absolute 1-3. place: medal+trophy+prize
10 person relay, absolute 1-3. place: medal+trophy+prize

/Winners of the individual and relay categories will have the right to register to the 2020 Kosice-Miskolc Ultramarathon free of charge /

Dream Team: the fastest runner of each stage will receive an extra award. Due to this fact, in the end of the race the „Dream Team” can team up.

Medical Aid

The field will be followed by medical crew by ambulance and motorbikes. Their phone number can be found on the number and in the program. In case the medical crew finds a racer not to be able to continue the race, they can take off her/his number and exclude her/him from the race.

Transport of racers

The transport of each racer to and from the relay points by escort cars is the task of the given team. The escort cars cannot accompany the runners on the stages!
The runners will be followed by closing cars, the relay points will be closed when the level time of the stage is over, securing the road to that point will end. (exact times in the Programme)
Relay can happen only at the appointed relay points. Relay at the relay points happens by handing over the chip according to the rules.

Rules and regulations

Participant of the II. Košice-Miskolc Ultramarathon hereby compulsorily accepts the rules and regulations to himself/herself and commit himself/herself to keep them. They take note that by registering himself/herself to the race she/he is subject to the rules and regulations hereby.
Participant declares that she/he take part in the II. Košice-Miskolc Ultramarathon healthy, under her/his responsibility, prepared for the chosen distance and category both physically and mentally. Organizers cannot be made responsible for the degradation of participant’s state of health
Participant acknowledges that throughout the event photos and footages are made of her/him. She/he contributes to photos and footages being made and used. She/he acknowledges that Organizers can use the photos and footages of her/him in commercials and in other media for promotional reasons.

A crucial condition of Receiving the start-packs is to sign the Liability Statement and to hand it over in the race office, in case of both teams and individual runners. It is important to note that in case of teams, following the signature of the Liability Statement, it is not possible to change members. To receive the start-pack one needs to have identification card or authorization signed by two witnesses.

The route of the race will be marked with arrows, boards, ribbons and wall paints. Following the route is the responsibility of the runners of the stage in all cases. Organizer, police, public wardens and civilian patrols will help the progress on the route, runners have to follow their orders in any case.

Those runners who are in front can be followed by motorbikes – within visibility- because of the punctual time credits. In case of any failure of the timing system, the escort motorists will record crossing the points manually as well as the time lost at the railroad crossings.

Throughout the race participant wears the number in front. Those who fold or cover their numbers, or wear them not clearly visibly throughout the race will be excluded.

Those who do not complete the full distance appointed by the Organizers are to be excluded, as well as those who do not fill in the Liability Statement and the registration form punctually or fill it incomplete or incorrectly.

Participant follow the orders of traffic crew at the railroad crossings. When the lights are red, crossing is forbidden and life threatening, those who break this rule will be immediately excluded.

Participant acknowledges that Organizers ensure refreshment at all relay points. Waste can be thrown away at refreshment and relay points, from where it is transported by Organizers. It is forbidden to throw away waste on the route, breaking this rule will lead to immediate exclusion.

Participant accepts that Organizers ensure the possibility to relay at the relay points, where timing happens as well.

It is forbidden to use roller-skate during the race as well as to run with dog and to run without a number. Participant acknowledges that she/he can immediately be excluded in case of breaking these rules.

Advertising and marketing activity can be done on the total route of the race and at the points only with written prior permission from the Organizers

Age limit:

a.) individual category: 18 years of age or over

b.) 5 and 10 person relay: 16 years of age, with written parental agreement

Organizers are not accountable for values left in escort cars and at the accommodations. Participant acknowledges that the registration fee does not include insurance, participants have to take care of it themselves.

One racer can only be member of one team. Individual racers cannot be member of a team at the same time.

Organizers reserve the rights to change the venue and time of the race, as well as to modify the route.